Membership form


By signing a membership agreement with the Norwegian Business Council (NBC), I agree to the following:

I agree to the following:

Membership regulations:
A membership with NBC runs through a calendar year.

Renewing the membership for the following year, the member will receive an invoice in November the year before. If the member wants to cancel the membership, the member can reply to the invoice received in November and confirm cancellation, or they can send a written cancellation directly to within the year of agreed membership. If the member decides to pay the invoice for another year, this membership agreement will continue through the following calendar year.

The required personal data of all NBC members comprise the names of the members, address, email address, and telephone numbers. Permission to store the personal data is required from each member. The data is required for the administration of the Association, and communication with NBC members. The NBC Data Protection Officer (NBC DPO) is the Administrative Officer, to whom all queries and requests must be addressed. The NBC DPO is responsible for the storage, maintenance and security of the data and that it is up to date.

Team Norway:
Team Norway UAE consist of the following parties: Norwegian Embassy, Norwegian Consulate, Innovation Norway, Norwegian Seamen church and Norwegian Business Council. If agreed by NBC member in the membership agreement, NBC can share contact details of member to the other parties in Team Norway for the sole purpose of the member to receive information of importance and interest from those other parties.

What happens after I have submitted my application?
We will get in touch to complete your application process and payment information.
Can I upgrade my membership type later?
Yes, you may upgrade your membership type at any point. Get in touch to start the process.
How long is my membership valid?
Your membership is valid one calendar year or the remaining of the year we are in.
Can I become an individual member if I don't live in the UAE?
Membership requires that you are a Norwegian living in the UAE, or have significant business ties in the UAE. If in doubt, please get in touch to see if you are eligible to become a member
Can a company outside of UAE become a member?
Companies that have strong ties to the Norwegian community in the UAE, or have business in UAE can be eligible for membership. If you are in doubt, please get in touch and we will provide more information.
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