Membership benefits

Being a member of NBC gives you a range of benefits at a low price. As a non-profit organization, we aim to keep growing the value of the membership continually.

Professional events

Learn, network and promote your business at our regular professional events at discounted prices.

Promote your business

Don’t be shy talking to us about ways we can help promote your business through our communication channels, events and network.

Help and advice

The challenges of living, working and investing abroad can be daunting – utilize NBC’s network to get the help and advice you need.

Support the community

Members actively support the Norwegian community for the benefit of everyone. Life abroad is easier with the support of a like-minded network.

Exclusive inviations

Get invitations to members-only events through our network of professional organizations.


“Lønningspils”, sundowners, golf tournament, holiday celebrations, 17th of May – join our social events at discounted prices.

Membership types

A membership with us runs through a calendar year.


Individual membership – AED 250,- per year

Individual membership is for people who are not with a company or who´s companies are not eligible for a Corporate or SME memberships.

Individual Couples membership – AED 400,- per year

Individual couples membership is for couples who sign up at the same time, but not with a company or with companies not eligible for Corporate or SME memberships.

NBC Young Professional membership – AED 125,- per year

This is a membership for young professionals between 21-35 years years of age. Students are also welcome to join.

SME membership – AED 1500,- per year 

SME membership is available for companies with less than 50 employees based in the UAE or regional companies with ties to the Norwegian community.

Corporate membership – AED 5000,- per year

Corporate membership is available for companies with more than 50 employees based in the UAE or regional companies with ties to the Norwegian community.


            Registration form

            Please pick your preferred membership type, and enter your information in the form below. We will respond to the application shortly.

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            What happens after I have submitted my application?
            We will get in touch to complete your application process and payment information.
            Can I upgrade my membership type later?
            Yes, you may upgrade your membership type at any point. Get in touch to start the process.
            How long is my membership valid?
            Your membership is valid one calendar year or the remaining of the year we are in.
            Can I become an individual member if I don't live in the UAE?
            Membership requires that you are a Norwegian living in the UAE, or have significant business ties in the UAE. If in doubt, please get in touch to see if you are eligible to become a member
            Can a company outside of UAE become a member?
            Companies that have strong ties to the Norwegian community in the UAE, or have business in UAE can be eligible for membership. If you are in doubt, please get in touch and we will provide more information.
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