We promote commercial interests for Norwegian companies in the UAE and create opportunities for Norwegians residing in the UAE to meet, collaborate and learn.

The Norwegian Business Council is an active forum for Norwegian companies and business people to exchange experience and draw knowledge about business-related issues in Dubai. We encourage all newcomers, as well as already established Norwegian companies, to become members. Our strength and value is all about having a broad range of businesses represented and a variety of experiences to be shared. For more information, please contact info@nbcuae.org.


  • Participate in business-related events to keep you on top of the latest regional developments.
  • Get exclusive invitations to events hosted by Dubai Chamber of Commerce
  • Expand your social and your professional network
  • Connect with the Nordic community in Dubai through social events like dinners, golf tournaments and sundowners
  • Promote your own business through our channels
  • Support NBC’s work for the common good of all Norwegian businesses and individuals in the region
  • Access to support and advice from professionals in a wide range of fields

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Social Events

We host social events in accordance with Norwegian traditions, and welcome the Norwegian community in Dubai to meet and socialize.

Professional Events

In collaboration with individuals, companies and government entities we host professional events for learning and networking.


We facilitate contact and meetings between organizations and individuals to support and promote Norwegian business interests.


We inform our members about important issues in regional business and politics through our website, newsletter and events.

Team Norway

Together with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and other partners, we are part of the cross-collaboration group Team Norway.


Our work is made possible by the generous contributions of our platinum sponsors:
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